How To Download and Install Mod Apk files on Android

I am sure you have one of those games on your phone that is so addictive, you can’t put it down. But the problem with most mobile games is, after a while, they get too easy and there’s no challenge to them anymore. You start getting bored because nothing new ever happens in the game. This is where Mod Apk files come into play! With mod APKs for Android devices, you can add all sorts of cool features to your favorite games to make them more fun and challenging again! Plus, installing a mod APK file doesn’t require any hacking or jailbreaking or anything like that at all – which means it won’t mess up your device or void the warranty either!

What is MOD APK?

First of all, MOD APK or Modification Apk is an Android or iOS application that has been modified from the original one. In fact, with a third-party software tool called ‘apktool’ it can be modded without any knowledge of coding practices. This article explains the different ways to download and install MOD APK on your android device.

How To Download Mods?

There are many sites online which allow you to download a MOD file for free but some of them might be going through a shady business so if you want to download mods from these sites make sure they not going to harm your device in any way.

To use modified APKs you must have root access on your phone as these files can only be installed on a rooted device.

In MOD APK, you can modify the graphics of the game, i.e. from low quality to high quality or vice-versa and you can get new features in apps that are not built into original ones.

How To Install MOD APK In Android Device?

Follow the following steps to install Modified Apks on your android phone;

STEP1: You must have ‘Unknown Sources’ enabled so head over to your phone’s settings > Security > Unknown sources and enable it by ticking the box next to this option.

STEP2: Once done, download any MOD APK file from our site:

STEP3: Click on the installation

STEP4: Allow the on-screen permissions to run the MOD APK on your Android device.

I have downloaded the MOD file but nothing is happening.

A: Make sure you enabled ‘Unknown Sources’ in your phone’s settings > Security and then try again.

Can we install modified apps on an iOS device?

A: No, it’s not possible to install third-party APK files on an iOS device so do not even try.

How to update a modded APK?

A: You can update a modded APK just like a normal APK – by going into the Downloads section of your file manager app and finding the updated version of MOD APK from there. If you used any root explorer, simply go to the system/app folder, delete the older version of the app and copy the updated MOD APK file to this folder.

Can a mod APK harm my phone?

A: Not really, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry so we recommend not downloading suspicious APKs from untrusted sources because who knows what they contain?

This modded version is asking for LOCATION permissions, should I allow it?

A: If you’re getting location messages or any other messages from modded apps that claim to need your location then just deny them access. It could be a simple bug where the developer forgot to remove certain code from their modded app which was actually used in the original one. So no, you’re perfectly safe!

I’m getting ‘App not installed’ messages when trying to install some MOD APK files!

A: Make sure you’ve allowed installation from unknown sources in your phone’s settings > Security and then try again by following the steps above. We’re currently working on an alternate direct download link that will work without enabling the “Unknown Sources” option so stay tuned if their solution doesn’t work for you.

Is there any way to make MOD APK directly to my phone?

A: No, we believe that using a file explorer and manually entering the path for installation is an easy and safe way to install MOD files on your Android device. Ask us if you think otherwise!

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