How to: Run Android Apps on Windows 10 PC

Run Android Apps on Windows 10 PC

We all know that Android apps can run on Android devices, however, we hardly heard about running APK apps on Windows 10 PC. There are many emulators through which Android apps can easily be installed and run on Windows 10. The top 5 emulators that we’ll cover are Bluestacks, Andy Android Emulator, Windroy, Droid4X, and MEmu.

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5 Best Android Emulator for Windows 10 PC – Download for Free

Let us have a look at the features of each android emulator for Windows 10 so as to find out which one is the best for your requirement!


We all love this app for many reasons. There are many features in Bluestacks that make it the best choice for running any android apps on a Windows PC.

It provides an easy installation, comes with regular updates, and has a friendly user interface among other good features. Of course, there are few cons too, i.e., some games get lag due to graphic issues on low-end PCs.

BlueStacks is a reputable company that works with industry giants such as Samsung, AMD, and Intel. For years, they’ve been in operation, and the BlueStacks emulator is regarded as the best way to execute Android apps on your PC. Just make sure you’re downloading it from BlueStacks’ official website.

Bluestacks needs a Dual Core Processor with Virtualization support to work flawlessly. Having 4GB of RAM memory will also go a long way.



As the name suggests, this emulator will run android games and apps smoothly on windows OPC, thus, making it second on our list of best Android emulators for Windows 10. This emulator is easy to install with an interactive user interface which makes everything easy during the installation.

Andy focuses on the whole experience rather than concentrating just on certain games, which is great. It performs well in games like Clash of Clans and outperforms Bluestacks in terms of stability in specific circumstances. If you want to use your device as a controller for improved gaming support, Andy offers a remote control option.

Since the release of Andy 384.81 (beta), it now includes support for controllers, remapping buttons and keyboard shortcuts both on-screen and Bluetooth/wired controllers.

This emulator is designed for Windows PCs. Requires 32-bit or 64-bit Windows, 2 GB of RAM, and at least 2 GHz CPU with Virtualization technology-enabled in BIOS.



This android emulator for windows 10 is one of the best emulators that runs smoothly on all Windows PC old or new. It has got some amazing features like a super drag-drop facility which makes it easy to transfer APK files from PC to emulator and play them directly, plus you can also download APK files directly from this emulator.

Windroy may make full use of your PC’s high-performance hardware, this emulator runs quickly and effectively.

The requirements for installing the Android emulator are not too high you must have a 1.2 GHz or faster processor, 2 GB of RAM, and about 1 GB of storage space (4 GB is recommended).



Droid4x is one of the oldest android emulators for Windows 10 that still runs smoothly on old and new PC alike. There are many good features like running multiple apps at a time, plus you can also download games, ebooks, etc. in this app which makes it worth a try.

You may now use any Android app on Droid4X. This Android emulator comes with all of the features you’ll need, from video games like PUBG, Clash of Clans, Granny to applications like Brainly and Inshot.

The operating system for the Droid4X is Android 4.2.2, which may be used to execute almost any program from the huge Google Play Store. Because it is one of the most well-known operating systems on the market, it is quite easy to use for everyone.

I have personally used Droid4x and just loved it as my primary android emulator since I got such good experience with it. It’s also available as a free download right here if you’d like to give it a go yourself!

DROID4X emulator performs best on PC with 32 bit or 64 bit, 2GB of RAM, and 800Mhz Intel Pentium III or faster.

100MB hard drive space for a virtual machine installation and 512MB of ram allocated to the VM. 200MB hard drive space for installing applications on your host system, not in the VM (e.g.: games).



The MEmu emulator may be used with Windows 10 to play Android games on a PC. It has more features than Bluestacks and other simulators. It supports almost all of the Google Play store’s games, including those that require an Intel/AMD x86 CPU and all of your PC’s (mouse, keyboard, or joystick) controllers.

If you have a graphics card that supports Microsoft DirectX 11 or OpenGL 3.0, then MEmu will perform better in games because it uses your GPU instead of CPU to render the graphics.

If you want to use the MEmu Emulator on your computer, you can download it on its official website. During installation, keep the default settings and uncheck all the add-ons so it will be easier for you to fix any problem with compatibility in the future.

MEmu Emulator also doesn’t need a powerful processor to run. For the best performance, use Intel processors and add more than 2GB of RAM.

So, these were the top 5 emulators that we would like to recommend to all our users. We hope that you find our article helpful in installing the best Android emulator for Windows 10 PC. If you want to run Android apps without any emulator then check out our blog.






1) What is an emulator?

An emulator is software that enables one system to behave like another one. Most emulators used for playing games are game console emulators. They enable us to play our favorite childhood games on the PC.

2) What are the various types of Android Emulators?

There are many Android emulators available for different devices. However, the best ones for Windows 10 PC are covered in our article.

3) What are the compatible devices?

All of the emulators listed here are suitable for all sorts of Windows 10 PCs, including laptops and desktop PCs. All you have to be sure of is that your PC has an I5 or I7 processor.

4) What are the system requirements?

The requirements for using Android Emulators differ from one emulator to the next. A dual-core CPU above 1GHz with 32-bit and 2GB of RAM is the bare minimum requirement. There is nothing that can stop you from playing your favorite Android games on a Windows 10 PC if you meet these qualifications.

5) Can I play Android Games on my PC?

Yes, you can! With the aid of an Android emulator, you may play Android games on your PC. There are a number of excellent emulators available in our article. So grab one and have fun playing!

6) What is the best emulator running Android Apps on Windows 10 PC?

The best emulators are listed in the article, in no particular order. They’re all arranged in terms of popularity, with our favorite one shown at the top.

7) What Android emulator should you use on a low-end PC?

Andy Emulator is the greatest Android emulator for low-end PCs.

8) What are the features of an Android emulator?

An Android emulator comes with all the features of a smartphone in it, including high graphic games support and more. To know what specific features each of these emulators have in detail, check out our article!

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