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Call of Duty: Season 6 the Heat

Fight for your team anytime, anywhere! Call of Duty® Mobile Season 6 the Heat has the complete console game on a mobile phone. It’s the perfect game to play when you’re waiting for your next bus or train. Test your battlefield skills in battle royale mode, put your headshot skills to the test in fast 5v5 team deathmatch or sniper vs sniper battles. Download Call of Duty MOD APK now and get into the fight! With unlimited money and code points.


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MOD Features of Call of Duty

  1. Unlimited Money and Code points,
  2. GOD Mode (Zombies/Modes),
  3. Search packs will not consume coins,
  4. Auto open all available items (Stories, Operation Wolf, etc.)
  5. Auto-Refill health, stamina, and grenades;
  6. Max level player with ten unlock weapons (M16 Assault Rifle, Uzi-Uzi SMG, AK47-AK 47, G36C Gun, M9 Pistol & M134 Minigun)
  7. (REMEMBER: Mod requires at least 4.1GB of space on your device!)
  8. All element cosmetics unlocked (clothes, gloves, boots);
  9. Ads removed;
  10. Disable power reloading.
  11. Unlimited Ammo For All Weapons;
  12. Increased Firepower (Damage-Damage Multiplier) 100x;
  13. Improve aim, accuracy, and recoil reduction(ADS).
  14. Knife Instant Kill everyone;
  15. Decrease Fire Rate (ADS) for better sniper experience(it’s still fast, it will take less time to ADS);
  16. Enemy Radar Can’t Detect Us When We Are ADS;
  17. Teleport back to the last spot where
  18. Fast Kill Knife;
  19. Fire Rate Change To Fastest;
  20. 1 Hit Kill With Sniper Rifle;
  21. Enemy health bar always visible, even in Ghost Mode and Firing Range (press H);
  22. No Reload;
  23. No Recoil;
  24. Unlimited Blade Mode(hold RMB to use)
  25. No need to root your phone nor to jailbreak the device.

Customize your ultimate weapons



The game is a team-based first-person shooter. Players can compete in various multiplayer modes, such as Search and Destroy, Capture the Flag, and Team Deathmatch, and play single-player missions. In addition to the standard gun battles, a character can perform actions such as opening doors, operating machinery, and driving vehicles using “commands,” which cost a finite amount of stamina.

New mode undead siege


Zombies mode

In Zombies, four players fight hordes of zombies in several maps by collecting power-ups and purchasing weapons off the walls, with each weapon having only one magazine. Within each map are unique items that, when activated, can do multiple things such as open a portal to a new area, summon several zombies from the ground, or activate traps.

Futuristic Game

The game is based on a futuristic, near-future setting where global oil resources have dried up. An international task force called SEAL (Special Expeditionary Attack Team) has been commissioned to locate new energy sources in Eurasia. The game’s single-player campaign mode is split into two distinct sections – the Task Force 141 and the Spetsnaz GRU. The story has two parallel plots; in one, Ethan Burns (voiced by Nolan North) and his team of US Navy SEALs must carry out various missions in Tajikistan to prevent an international crisis from escalating further, and in the other, the Task Force 141 (led by Sergeant Kamarov, voiced by Gary Oldman) are deployed to Tbilisi, Georgia to eliminate Vladimir Makarov (voiced by Christian Slater), a rogue Russian operative who leads his private army with aspirations of overthrowing the Russian government.


The game is played from a first-person perspective, with optional third-person camera controls. The heads-up display features many different information layers. The lower left-hand corner features a compass, the player’s health meter, and a squad order indicator, which shows any commands given to the other three members in their squad. The mini-map is to the right, which displays information relative to the player’s current position. This shows other players and allies (blue), teammates who have been killed (white), enemies, and destructible objects, such as barricades or explosive devices (red) in the immediate area. A waypoint system is also present, which marks key locations or objectives (purple). Commanding a squad is also done through the HUD; the player points to where they want their squad members to move, showing up as a waypoint for that member.

The three other layers in the lower right-hand corner are a weapon selection menu, showing the current primary and secondary weapons along with any grenades; a command menu, which shows the various actions that can be done (such as opening doors or operating machinery) and their cost in stamina points (the game’s health system); and a hint system, showing silhouettes of off-screen enemies. When aiming down the sight with certain weapons, such as sniper rifles or machine guns, the HUD becomes a fixed black crosshair to aid accuracy, and ensure an off-screen enemy does not obscure the player’s primary weapon.

Manual saving is done through accessing computers, while auto-saving occurs at specific points in each level. In cooperative play, players can see text messages from each other if they are too far apart to see each other directly.

Game missions


There are ten single-player missions available in the game, with five on each side (Task Force 141 and Spetsnaz GRU). The levels alternate between action-oriented and slower-paced gameplay as the player rides in vehicles such as tanks or helicopters. Each mission ends with a different boss enemy, an oversized Russian soldier, or an attack helicopter.

Each level features “Strike Force” objectives, which are secondary tasks that can be completed to unlock rewards such as bonus weapons. These objectives range from collecting intel briefcases to destroying multiple buildings in a set amount of time. In addition, the player can control turrets, which they can use to eliminate enemies and tanks. On several levels, players are given access to a tank that can be used for additional fire support or simply driving through checkpoints.

The game features ten different maps at launch, ranging from the streets of Paris to the rocky mountains of Afghanistan.

game modes

Game Modes

The game also features a mode called Squads. In this mode, players can create their characters and play in special missions with bots. The player can customize many things about their character, including gender, headgear, and clothing. These characters are used in Call of Duty: Heroes.

The PvP (player-versus-player) playlist has four main game modes: Free For All, Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, and Hardpoint. Free for All is a standard deathmatch with players being able to kill everyone on sight. In team deathmatches, players work in teams of 4 to complete various objectives. In Hardpoint, players must have a certain number of points in an area before time runs out to win the round. Search and Destroy is similar to free for all but with one key element, which is bombs. After the players kill several enemies, they can then defuse the bomb, or if someone from their team planted the bomb, they could make them lose.

The two types of game modes are domination and team deathmatch. In domination, teams fight against each other to reach a certain score (1000) before their opponents do. The opposing teams must stop them from achieving this goal by killing all opposite team members or capturing control points. Unlike domination, team deathmatch is a standard deathmatch where the first team to reach the score limit or have more points than their opponents when the time runs out wins.



The game features over 250 rewards for players, including temporary boosts in multiplayer like Double XP for various weapons and killstreaks such as airstrikes and helicopters. There are also cosmetic items ranging from different weapon camos, gun attachments,, and player apparel. Another reward is Prestige Mode, which allows players to reset their rank and earn a title that identifies their accomplishments on the service.

introducing claw wars squad up and win


Game Control

  • Tap Fire: Aim and shoot
  • Double-tap left or right to change the camera view
  • Drag up/down to adjust the volume
  • Tap right to reload the gun (tap in “reload” button and fill the meter)
  • Double-tap left/right to zoom in / zoom out
  • Tap fire to shoot; double-tapping makes you aim faster. Hold down fire for auto-firing
  • Tap left to change weapons (tap in “weapon” button and fill the meter)
  • Tap down to reload your current weapon
  • (tap in “reload” button and fill the meter)
  • Tap right to reload weapon (tap in “reload” button and fill the meter)
  • Tap down to change your weapons, tap right for quick slot ammo (both require 1 unit of ammo). Double-tapping makes you aim faster.
  • Tap left for the grenade menu (tap in “grenade” button and fill the meter)
  • Tap down to change your weapons, tap right for quickslot ammo (both require 1 unit of ammo). Double-tapping makes you aim faster.

complete battle pass to earn rewards

Download CALL OF DUTY MOD APK (Unlimited Money and Code Points)

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How to Install

1. Download apk file

2. Install the apk file

3. play and enjoy the game!

sound and graphics

Sound and Graphics

The graphics of the game are amazing and eye-catching. You will find lots of different animations, e.g., when you shoot someone, he/she falls. The sound is excellent; it gives you goosebumps while playing the game, and sometimes it makes me jump from my seat with excitement.

Call of Duty Play now on mobile

Conclusion icon


If you are an action game lover, then this is the best game for you. It’s highly addictive and easy to learn, but hard to master with smooth controls. All in all, Call of Duty MOD APK offers endless hours of fun and thrill without having to sit in front of a TV with a console gaming system.

The Call of Duty MOD APK offers smooth controls and an improved aiming system, which makes for a much different experience. You will feel as if you are actually on the battlefield!

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Q: What is Call of Duty?

Call of Duty is a world-renowned first-person shooter video game franchise. It started as a World War II-themed game and has since had many sequels, several of which have broken sale records. The game is played from a first-person perspective, and the player controls characters who are members of the United States Armed Forces, such as Sgt. John Davis and Pvt. Polonsky or Allied Militaries like British SAS operative Captain Price. “Call of Duty” had fifteen straight best-selling titles in the United States for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii.

Q: When will I receive the Bluestacks / Andy Application?

A: We’ll send it to you within 24 hours of your order. If you don’t get it, don’t hesitate to contact us with your Order ID (given at the time of purchase).

Q: Is this game free? Will there be any in-app purchases required?

A: The application is free, and there are no in-app purchases. You can play it for as long as you want.

Q: Is this game multiplayer?

A: Yes, you can compete in multiplayer matches against players from around the world.

Q: How do I know if my device is compatible?

A: This app is compatible with all devices having Android 4.3 and above.

Q: What are the game modes?

A: It has two game modes – ‘Campaign’ and ‘Battle Royale’. The solo campaign takes you to various mission locations where you have to take down enemies, earn rewards for your performance and get 3 stars for completing the missions.

Q: How many missions are there in the game?

A: There are various mission types like Defuse, Bounty Hunter, etc. For example, you have to defuse a bomb before it explodes to win, or else your team will lose points. The PVP mode in BR is called Battle Royale. A different type of gameplay is featured in the Battle Royale mode, and there are 10 maps available. You gain points by killing your opponents, capturing flags, or defending your base from attackers before they take it.



Download links

Download APK v1.0.30 (95MB) Download OBB v1.0.30 (1927MB)

How to install Call of Duty MOD APK + OBB Download 2022 (Unlimited Money, CP) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Call of Duty MOD APK + OBB Download 2022 (Unlimited Money, CP) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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