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Simulation games usually focus on recreating aspects of reality for the player in a video game environment.

The goals of simulation games range from accurate physical simulation to a more approximated version of reality. Some simulations focus on realism and not gameplay, while others are abstractions of real-life (for example, the MECS series).

The player is represented by the character and interacts with the virtual world to achieve your goal. The simulation game is popular in the industry, including “the legend of Zelda” series, the Sims series, etc.

Most simulation games are based on real-life things which can be observed, such as life simulation games, traffic management games, city-building games, etc. However, the player’s performance within the virtual world is different from our real life as they can fight off monsters or build a large city quickly.

Simulation games are not limited by their content like fighting, survival, or exploring. Take fishing game as an example to explain this point:

A player can experience the feeling of catching fish through the interaction with virtual items, for example, a fishing rod in hand and a “fish” floating on the water surface. The player’s goal is obvious – catching fish! But why do people like simulation games?

The reason is simple: because simulation games can make you “feel” the things you love! Love to fish, love dogs – so play a fishing game or the dog breeding game. You can feel like fishing in real life without getting wet! Another reason is that people will not be frustrated by playing simulation games. When failing, it is only a failure in the game and has no real-life impact.

In short, simulation games can be an outlet for your pure creativity. Like video games are an entertainment medium, simulators are factories of virtual goods which you can control to fulfill all kinds of beautiful things! Moreover, it is not limited to simple gameplay: visual style, sound, and even the rules can also be customized.

Simulation games became popular in the 1990s and 2000s with titles like SimCity, The Sims, RollerCoaster Tycoon, Spore, and Black & White.

The Game Definition (v1.0) reads: “Simulation games are video games that seek to create a plausible virtual world or universe which is based upon a set of rules and stimuli.

A simulation game may occur in an earth-like environment like The Sims or a completely fantastical setting such as RollerCoaster Tycoon.

Here are some Android-based simulation games:

1) Kick the Buddy MOD APK

As the Buddy’s keeper, you get to punish and torture him at your will! It is a stress relief simulation game. Punch him, slap his face, throw stuff at him or even electrocute/burn him – it is all up to you. Set his skin on fire if he burns things too often.

2) BitLife MOD APK?

BitLife is the most addictive idle game that evolves around you. Start your life in a small village and advance to the point of colonizing space. Earn money by tapping on various objects, and use them to buy upgrades that will help achieving your goals even faster! Unlock new achievements as you get promoted from birth until death.

3) The SimEarth

SimEarth series of games was published in 1990 by Maxis Software and designed by Will Wright. The player controls Earth’s future evolution while guiding it and protecting it from extinction from catastrophes such as meteor impacts and solar flares.

4) Minecraft

Minecraft is a sandbox indie video game created by Swedish programmer Markus Persson and released in 2009. It was developed by Mojang, which currently offers the best IDEs for Java programming. In the game players can create anything using various blocks in a 3D procedural generated world. The game offers a variety of activities, including exploration, resource gathering, crafting and combat. As the player goes deeper into the world, they will have access to better tools.

5) SimCity BildIt MOD APK

SimCity is a city-building video game series developed by Maxis, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts. This series started in 1989 with “SimCity,” and its various releases and spin-offs almost span the entire decade of the 1990s.

6) The Sims

It is a life simulation game series created by Maxis, which also originated in 1993.