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Fun Action Shooter game lover?

In a world where humanity is fighting for its very existence, at the end of another war nuclear weapons have been used against them. In this apocalypse-like setting your character fights through wastelands with other survivors to find some form or order before it’s too late.

Dead Target is an intense 3D first-person shooter, where the player takes on the role of a survivor in search of weapons and supplies. The game has been designed with realistic graphics and features that make it feel like players are actually in the zombie apocalypse.

You have been targeted by a pack of wild animals and you are trying to survive in this harsh world. It’s time for DEAD TARGET Mod APK – using the most advanced weapons, with your skills on full display against all odds; smite enemies from every angle while making it back home alive!

To stay alive under the siege, players have to fight hordes of zombies that are trying to swarm their base. Players can use their aim to shoot at specific parts of the enemy’s body, depending on the level they have reached. The game also boasts realistic sound effects and graphics that make it even more engaging for its players.



MOD Features of Dead Target

  • Unlimited Money
  • An infinite supply of Weapons
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlocked All Skins
  • All Missions Unlocked
  • Endless Mission
  • Gadgets Unlocked
  • No Reloads (Can shoot while reloading)
  • Unlimited Everything
  • No Ads
  • Free to play
  • Rooting or jailbreak is not needed for devices
  • No Weapon Overheat
  • Unlimited Ammo (Can fire endlessly)

New Updates

  • Zombie Survival Mode: Undead Army Invasion
  • New Weapons and Ammo Added
  • Multiple Zombie Difficulty Levels Added
  • Various Bosses and Enemies Added to each level
  • Unlock a Powerful Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, or Melee Weapon at the end of each level
  • New style graphics added! Experience Dead Target’s immersive graphics.
  • Removed the time limit for the reboot!
  • A brand-new season of The Battle Pass with Kraken is on the way!
  • To begin testing skins and skills, go to the Settings menu on your game client.
  • The store’s packs have a brand-new user interface.
  • Increased performance
  • Improved Visuals
  • Bug fixes

Standard Features

  • Use legendary 3D weapons to kill zombies.
  • Upgraded weapons and snipers are required to resist zombie assaults that never cease.
  • 3D gunslinging as a real zombie shooter
  • Slay all forms of zombies to the dead.
  • Play zombie shooter games and survive the off-line shooting activities!
  • Collect special weapons, Achieve new accolades, and more! Join battle pass and get them.
  • Face the Zombies
  • Let’s go and become the greatest hunter! Zombies are approaching you, so let’s go and hunt them down!
  • Utmost 50 deadly shooting weapons and more to come for an exciting experience in sniper games.
  • Off-limit games and Award System is appealing
  • You can ride through or timelapse the levels in a simple and addictive game.
  • Shooting games’ auto-fire system helps zombie shooters focus more on shooting from the undead.
  • In this free sniper 3d game, you must shoot to kill in special operations and be quick with the trigger to survive!
  • DEAD TARGET is an offline game, which means you may kill zombies whenever you want!
  • In games without internet access, gamers may view 3D visuals of the zombie epidemic.
  • 3D Leaderboard games where compete, Zombies.

Game Play

The player’s level of fear and drama reaches a new high in Dead Target when they have to stand still while dozens of zombies rush towards them. This is because, unlike other games where you can shoot at the enemy from afar or “kite” away from danger by running into your room every time there’s an incoming threat–in this case, shooting won’t do any good since all guns are mounted with silencers which makes it impossible for players not be seen anyway due to how dark most scenes were lit (unless another character has their flashlight turned on).

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Unexpected Gameplay

The game is unpredictable. You never know where the zombies will come from or what their abilities are, which makes for an exciting experience every time! Sometimes they look weak but can withstand hundreds of bullets – sometimes those same figures might vomit out axit instead to make you pay with pain as it lacerates through your flesh before chewing away at muscle tissue slowly over time; other times a ferocious zombie dog will rush straight towards its target without any hesitation whatsoever – willing and able until its final moment has arrived.

Game guide or hint

Game Tips

In case of an emergency, you must try to kill as many zombies as possible. The quickest way is aiming at their head since it takes less precise aim and therefore cheaper bullets while achieving higher rewards with one bullet often enough – provided they’re dead after all this time spent trying out different techniques depending upon what kind of weapons we have available at hand right then (which may change from day-to risk).



The scope of the controls is somewhat the same across most weapons so it’s easy enough to get a hang of what is needed. As for moving around, you can tap left and right to swerve from side to side when in motion while tapping up and down allows you to move forward and backward in a straight line respectively.

sound and graphics

Graphics & Sounds

The graphics and sounds blend in quite well with the game, which creates a unique experience that is both pleasing on the eyes as it is to the ears. The user interface (UI) has been designed with great detail and plays a very important role in how you’ll be playing based upon what factors it’s best at highlighting during any given moment.


Download Dead Target Mod APK Latest Version for Android (Unlocked All Guns, Skins, Unlimited All)

Dead Target is an intense zombie first-person shooter game. The game has been redesigned with realistic graphics and exciting new gameplay that will seriously blow your mind!

Install MOD APK

How To Install Dead Target Mod APK

  1. Unknown sources may be allowed from the security settings.
  2. Click the link below to download Dead Target Mod from Google Play.
  3. Run it on your device to install the game.
  4. Enjoy your deadly shooter game.


Conclusion icon


Dead Target is an exciting game that will keep you occupied for hours, if not days have given enough patience to learn how the game’s mechanics work and more importantly what they are good at highlighting during any given moment of gameplay. The graphics are great with plenty of gore, which enhances the overall experience by bringing out more attention.

“Dead Target Mod APK It’s an awesome game. Very nice graphics & weapons. I like it.” – Francis King, Canada

“This is the best FPS game I’ve played so far! The great story line, great graphics and great gameplay experience!” – Henry, USA



Q. Can I play without WiFi?

Yes, you can play without WiFi and the game only needs an internet connection when you first download it.

Q. Where can I find more weapons?

You will get unlimited weapons in this Mod APK version

Q. What are the controls to download Dead Target Mod APK (Unlocked All Guns & Skins)?

You can find the controls in the settings menu if you want to change them.

Q. What is the Mod APK version?

In this Mod version, you have all guns unlocked and unlimited ammo so this makes it easier for a player to win a level, but there is no guarantee that a player will win. It depends on his skills.



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