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v1.35.3 (build 345)

Download Grow Castle MOD APK with the latest version 2021 and Unlimited Money, Gems, Gold, and Skill Points. Enjoy playing the defense game!
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v1.35.3 (build 345)
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Dragon Fire from the mouth to break the castle

Ever wanted to be a prince on an epic quest? Well, now you can! Grow Castle MOD APK is an arcade-styled defense game to protect the castle from enemy attacks. You play as the Castle’s Prince, who is on a quest to find and rescue Princess. You will have to dodge obstacles such as fireballs, spikes, and even swards that come out of the ground along your journey! There are also treasures lying around for you to collect, along with power-ups like coins, gems, and skill points.


Prince saving the Castle


MOD APK Features of Grow Castle

Unlimited Gems, Coins, and Max Skill Points:

In-game purchases are disabled, and you can have unlimited gems, coins, and max skill points. You will be able to unlock the store items without spending real money.

No In-App Purchases or Ads:

You don’t have to watch sponsored videos for free in-app purchases. Grow Castle is a must-have mod apk if you’re running low on these resources because they cost quite a bit of time grinding. You’ll also get free spins without watching videos or spending real money.

Online guild system:

A guild system in Grow Castle MOD APK allows players to form alliances with other users. The game has been designed, so it’s not just you, but your entire alliance who can take down an enemy castle together!

Real-time rankings:

When you start the game, it automatically connects to a worldwide database that will show your current rank and position. You can also see how many players are online at any given time, so you know what kind of competition to expect while playing!

Devil horn +3:

The Devil Horn is a recurring item in Grow Castle MOD APK that grants the user three additional lives.

The new version added a deck slot:

There is now a deck slot in the game. You can use it to save your favorite cards or decks and add them during battles with opponents.

Normal hell mode:

The hell mode in Grow Castle MOD APK has been increased to be more challenging for experienced players.

Hero promotion system:

The hero promotion system will allow you to promote any of the heroes in your deck. The higher level a card is, the more expensive it will be to upgrade and promote.

Build your Castle:

You can now build your Castle and customize the walls, gates, and turrets. You will be able to find pieces of wood that you can use for building anything you want!

With this mod, you can build your Castle without spending any of your hard-earned money. You won’t have to worry about getting all the resources and managing them with a limited budget because everything will be free.

Grow Castle MOD APK

How to Play Grow Castle

  • Grow Castle is a tower defense game in the style of Minecraft. As you progress through the levels, new towers and special abilities are unlocked for use against waves of enemies that come to attack your Castle from all directions.
  • Build towers and walls on predetermined locations with taps or swipes. Tap enemy creeps to kill them before they reach the Castle. Earn points that can be used to recruit more towers, upgrade existing ones or buy special abilities
  • Tap to place a tower. Holding on will allow you to select from your available buildable and upgrades for placement. Walls do not protect towers placed outside of designated areas. Placement within a protective wall is necessary if enemies are to damage the tower.
  • To build a wall, tap on an existing wall. Holding will allow you to select from your available upgrades for placement Tap enemy creeps with heroes in tow, and they’ll fight back against them and automatically defeat more enemies as long as there are adequate towers nearby
  • Heroes can be recruited once per level by tapping on the corresponding banner at the bottom right. Heroes will automatically fight back against the enemies as long as towers nearby
  • Tap and hold on a friendly hero to select an ability to use or queue up their next skill execution. Abilities are unlocked over time, so be sure to tap on them frequently for more options!
  • Towers have limited ammo and reload after some time. Some towers cannot be upgraded or will need to have their ammo replenished
  • Towers can only attack enemies on the same side as them – they’ll automatically shoot at any enemy in range but won’t fire across gaps.
  • Enemy creeps periodically spawn from all directions and will keep coming until you’ve defeated them all
  • When a wave of enemies has been killed, the background music will change to signify that it’s time for the next one. Get ready! Tap on an enemy creep or tower to see its details and any special abilities they possess

Graphics & Sounds

The graphics and sounds are pretty good. The graphics in this game are stunning; there’s a lot of really detailed scenery you’ll see when playing different levels. It looks like they took time to design each environment down to the last detail because it seems so realistic. For example, at dawn, the Castle will be on fire with orange and reds, while there will be dark purples and blues in the evening. The sound effects are significant, too! I love how you tap on the part of your screen to throw troops; it sounds like an actual battle with swords clanging against each other. It’s fantastic that they added these little details into the game to make it more realistic.

The soundtracks are great, too! I like the music that plays in the background of each level because it seems to match with what’s going on or about to happen. For example, if you’re getting attacked by enemies, then there will be a battle-like song playing, and when you finish building your castle walls, the music will be triumphant.

Grow Castle and Gold

Download Grow Castle (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Games require an active internet connection to play. Download the latest version of Grow Castle MOD APK for free here!

How To Install:

  • Download the APK file from the link above.
  • Enable the third-party apps from the setting option.
  • Install it, as usual, granting all permissions needed for installation if asked (if not, then skip this step).
  • Enjoy the game!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the Grow Castle?

A: The game is a tower defense in which you need to do everything possible so that enemies never reach your land. Do not let them knock down your Castle! You’ll get access to various warriors with their unique abilities and skills – they will be the ones you’ll need to fight waves of enemies. Every time they beat an enemy, players will earn points that you can then spend on recruiting new troops and improving their Castle’s strength and walls or skills. The graphics in this game are great, and it’s effortless to control – anyone could get into playing!

Q: How much does it cost to download and buy the full version of the game?

A: The Grow Castle MOD APK is free to download and install. Everything is unlocked and pre-purchased in this app, so you don’t have to pay real money for coins and gems.

Q: I’m stuck on a level in Grow Castle – what do I do next?

A: Check out our guide above to know how you should play after losing all your lives.

Q: What are the controls of Grow Castle?

A: The game is controlled with a mouse and keyboard. You can also use an Xbox or PlayStation controller if you prefer that way to play games.

Q: Does Grow Castle support multiplayer?

A: Yes, it is a single-player and multiplayer video game.

Q: Can I customize the controls in Grow Castle?

A: Yes, you can. You’ll find the option “Keyboard & Mouse” to set your control preferences at the top of the screen after starting a game.

Q: What is the story in Grow Castle?

A: The game is about defending the Castle from enemy attacks by building towers and placing heroes on each floor.


If you are a fan of tower defense games, Grow Castle Mod is the perfect game. You will be able to play as different warriors with their skills and abilities, leading them against waves of enemies trying to destroy your Castle. Fight back by upgrading your troops and walls without worrying about real money, as everything is unlimited in this MOD APK while earning valuable points for yourself, which you can use to recruit new soldiers or upgrade existing ones. If you’re looking for an exciting strategy game with great graphics and simple controls, then this may be perfect for you! Download it today on our site.

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