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Download Hay Day Mod APK Latest Version for Android (Unlimited Everything, Diamonds, Money, Mod, Seeds). Build the farm of your dreams!
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Sunshine is never ending Hay DayHay Day APK is an android farming game where you build up your farm and harvest crops. You can also collect and trade different animals, trade with other farmers, grow new trees, catch fish, create or buy new buildings and use your creativity to decorate them.

You need to pay and trade to unlock more game features, but with Hay Day MOD APK, you don’t have to worry about cash as it has unlimited money, diamond, and coins.


MOD Features of Hay Day game:

  • Unlimited money, gems, gold, trades
  • Infinite resource points/ energy (points are used to continue your game, you get some after each level)
  • Unlimited seeds
  • No need to root your Android device
  • No Ads

Standard Features

  • Farm is a breeze. Get your plots, grow crops, and repeatedly harvest to get coins you can use for more land!
  • Start your family farm today. Customize from water networks to produce production buildings.
  • Crops like wheat never die- harvest seeds and re-plant them or use wheat feed animals like cows.
  • Quirky animals are waiting to be added to your farm; purchase goats, pigs, rabbits, horses… You can even get a pet dog or cat!
  • There are places to visit, including a haunted house, an abandoned mine, and Atlantis.
  • Complete tasks at these locations to earn rewards.
  • Treasure chests full of rare items can be found worldwide – keep an eye out for them!

Unlimited Money

What can money buy? In Hay Day, the answer is pretty much everything! You can speed up production or building by using it. But that’s not all, and you can also use gold to speed up the growth of your crops. In a few taps, you have an income of 500,000 coins!

Gold is significant in Hay Day. You can use it as currency to buy many things like production buildings or additional items at the shop. Additionally, you can collect it by building wind farms, purchase trees at the shop, or opening treasure boxes.

To purchase additional items at the shop, you will need to have many gold coins. You can also use your coins to speed up production and building processes. So if you want to do anything in this game, then having enough gold is extremely important!

Open treasure chests, harvest crops like wheat and collect fuel for the tractor to make money.

Upgrade your wind turbines and farm animals for more coins!

Unlimited Diamonds

The perfect gem is a symbol of wealth, happiness, and success. In Hay Day MOD APK, diamonds are used to upgrade tools at the shop and unlock new buildings such as chocolate factories or even decorations for your barn and wheat farm.

Use diamonds to buy new buildings in the shop, such as the chocolate factory or sugar mill.

Use diamonds to upgrade the tools at the shop. For example, you can purchase a scythe for 300 diamonds. The scythe will allow you to cut the grass more quickly than with your hand, which means that you can upgrade your cows to a higher level, giving you more milk.

Don’t forget to collect diamonds from the treasure chests! You’ll find them on islands and in the grass.

Unlimited Trades

If you have enough resources, everyone wants something different. Well, not anymore! With this mod, you can trade unlimited items with your neighbors!

Trade everything you don’t need and expand your farm faster than ever. You can exchange 50 apples for one sheep or 25 eggs for one chicken. Or swap 20 carrots for a new decoration or weapon. It is easy to trade with other players without worrying about how much each item is worth with this mod.

Open your store, select the items you want to trade, and send them directly to your neighbor. It’s that easy!

Trading is a way of life

Gameplay and Story


Hay Day has two main goals: expanding your farm and selling what you grow or make. You can pay real money for Hay Day Diamonds that will help speed up these tasks, but it is entirely unnecessary to do so. With Hay Day MOD APK, you don’t need to spend real money; MOD comes with unlimited money, gems, seeds, trades, and everything that you can think of.

Play with Friends

You can play with friends, use your slingshot to defend against squirrels, raccoons, bees, and more (no actual animals were harmed in the making of this game). Moreover, you can also compete in leaderboards for weekly rewards! – Unlock achievements by accomplishing goals like having a baby or feeding your animals. Try Weekly Challenges and Monthly Quests! – Watch out for the dreaded cloud that can wreak havoc on your farm.

Plant crops, grow massive trees, play mini-golf or ride horses around town — there are endless ways to enjoy yourself on Hay Day! – Help friends by sending them the resources they need! You’re about to take on a new farming challenge!


Players can choose from three different farm plots. Depending on the requirements for their field, they may receive a basic set of starting items from their uncle George. The game begins by showing a fully developed farm in the background to show the player their goal – get back to that point and beyond!

The player is given some premium items from their uncle George to help out. The player begins the game with a tutorial that explains the fundamentals of playing Hay Day, either by tapping on certain UI elements when they are highlighted or clicking on a component and having the tutorial pop up with a description. There are three difficulty levels available for new players – easy, medium, and challenging. Players can choose to skip the tutorial at any time by clicking on “I Am A Hay Day Pro.”

Play with friends and neighbors


You can play Hay Day in two separate screens, a menu screen where you can navigate through menus with icons representing options such as inventory, news feeds about new features or events, friends list, game settings, and more. Also, you can walk around the farm in the first-person perspective of their character on this screen by clicking or tapping an icon representing one of six buildings on the farm. Clicking or tapping on specific objects such as fruit trees, bushes, rocks, and fences will make the player tap on it to collect its resource. You can also use other things such as fences to divide up pastures for animals, and specific other structures like the barn can be used for trading resources between players – in this case, only wheat.

The second screen is a zoomed-in version of the farm itself, which plays almost like a real-time strategy game similar to “The Settlers,” but in the form of an adventure game. You can roam around this zoomed-in world looking for items that can be added to your inventory, such as seeds, saplings, eggs, and other collectibles. Particular objects like trees are clickable on this screen and give you the information about how many fruits it has or the number of trees planted underneath it. Tapping on fish in water gives you a prediction as to how many can be caught, tapping on cows will give you an estimate of how many products you can yield from their milk, and tapping on an object containing chickens will display a circular meter showing how happy the chickens are along with a description of how to make them more comfortable if they are unhappy. You can also tap on the Fences, which will open a menu where you can either buy a fence or sell items that they may not need anymore. Certain buildings (the barn and silo) are also placed by doing this same action.


The farm has six slots where buildings can be placed that are different from the menu screen. The player can upgrade existing buildings by tapping on them to collect them and then putting them back down in a new spot. Buildings generate coins every 5 seconds (20 coins for barns), allowing the player to make money from their farm without purchasing anything. The player’s farm can have a maximum of 7 buildings at one time and will only place more if they remove old ones.


Objects can also be traded with other players on the same server (this does not include players from different servers) by tapping on something someone else uses and selecting “trade.” When in a trade, the player can exchange their object for another one owned by the other player. The more extended entities are owned by someone else, the more they will purchase from them.


The characters on the farm are controlled via tapping or clicking on an icon representing each character’s face and then acting with them. For example, tapping on the mailbox will cause it to open and close, which will make the male character walk up to it and put an item in before walking away again. Tapping on a tree with a female character nearby causes them to run up to the tree and “talk” to each other while tapping on one of their stools at the kitchen table makes them walk to it and sit down. Some game features can only be performed by two or more characters working together, such as milking a cow.

Live Events

The game also contains many live events triggered on specific dates where players across all servers can participate in similar mini-games together. These events take place on a different screen to the main game, which has certain limitations regarding what can be done. These screens are usually themed around the event and use the in-game currency, gold, and are limited to players who have reached level 5 or higher before the event starts. Live events include tasks such as collecting an x amount of an item, racing against other players to be the first to reach a certain number, and jobs that require support from other players to complete, such as using a catapult to fire items at another player’s castle. Each live event has 5 rewards given out depending on how well each person did during the duration of the event. The event usually ends with one person getting the best reward, but other players can earn rewards for coming in second, third, etc. Like ordinary objects on the farm, live event items are tradable.

Pros of Hay Day MOD APK

The original game is free to play and makes money through microtransactions that allow players to purchase coins and gold, which can be used to buy new buildings or other items. The game also has advertisements at the bottom of the screen, which you can click on to earn five free energy points every 4 hours, and rewards players small amounts of coins for each advertisement they view. However, you don’t have to complete these missions to earn money in the MOD version of the Hay Day game as everything is unlimited for you, plus no frustrating advertisement.

You may be interested to play another such game that is Township MOD APK and Farming Simulation 20 MOD APK.

Graphics and Sound

Hay Day has cute and rustic art styles; the textures are simple but pleasing to the eye. The voice acting in Hay Day MOD APK is hilarious. It makes you want to continue playing to hear what your character will say next!

The music in Hay Day consists of piano melodies that fit the theme of the game. A charming banjo track is also played whenever you have multiple items on the conveyor belt.

Download Hay Day Mod APK Latest Version for Android (Unlimited Money, Mod, Seeds)

How to Install:

  1. Uninstall the original game (if you have already installed it).
  2. Enable “unknown resources” from the setting option of the Android device.
  3. Install app following on-screen options.
  4. Enjoy the game with unlimited money, gems, coins, seeds, and trades.


This game is very similar to “FarmVille” in every way, except it’s a little more fun and productive. It has much better graphics than most other games like this, giving a better gaming experience overall. One of the things I enjoy about this game is how it can sync with your friends. If multiple people play the game from the same household, they can all sync and work together to get a higher score on their leader boards. I know that if my siblings have time after school, we’re both going to want to play together!

So what are you waiting for? Download the Hay Day MOD APK today and prove that you are the boss by getting the uneven advantage of having unlimited money and resources from the very start of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Hay Day MOD APK?

Hay Day is a farming simulation game where the player grows crops, takes care of animals, and creates goods to sell at different markets. The gameplay mechanics are similar to those of “FarmVille.” The player can buy and plant seeds to grow crops such as wheat, corn, and rye. The player can sell his produce to earn coins, use the cash to buy more seeds or better tools (such as a combine for harvesting wheat or a horse for faster transportation).

What is the currency in the game?

The currency in the game is Coins. You earn them by selling your goods to customers, and you can use them to buy seeds for growing, food, upgrades, or new species that are not available yet.

You can change your currency in the shop. If you want to exchange Coins for Gems, go to the shop, click on Exchange Currency. You will see that it is costly 🙂 But if you have enough coins, then feel free to buy them.

What are some of the missions that the player can do?

There are various missions that you can complete. Some of them will only require time, such as the first ones when you are a beginner farmer; others will also require your attention to water all the trees on your farm or another task that needs time.

How do the watering and continuous growth happen?

When you buy new species of plants on the farm, you will need to water them to grow. Similarly, if you want to increase the spectrum of your farm with different plants, it is necessary to water them and wait for a while until they fully develop.

What are all types of plants, animals, and buildings that can be placed on the farm?

On Hay Day, you can choose from a wide variety of plants. The most valuable crops are corn, strawberries, and cotton. You can also plant vegetables such as potatoes, beans, corn, or sunflower.

For animals, you will be given two shepherds and some chickens from the beginning. They will walk around on your farm eating grass and helping to create manure, with which you can fertilize plants.

In addition, you will also have funds to buy some other animals, such as cows and pigs, which will help you earn Coins faster.

You can build different buildings on your farm or upgrade existing ones at the Blacksmith’s Shop (the only place that sells new building parts).

How much does it take to build a building?

To build a new building, you will need to spend Coins. The number of Coins required for the construction can be seen in the lower left of the screen.

How do I interact with other players?

Hay Day has an online game component that allows players to set up their farm and invite friends from other social sites on various platforms to visit their farm. Each player can invite 5 people at a time, and all friends will receive a daily gift from the host.

How can I exchange items with other players?

You can give gifts or sell your goods to other players by clicking on the icon in the lower right of your screen that looks like two blue arrows pointing at one another.

How can I get a higher level?

You gain experience after you harvest crops, and after you gain more experience points, your player’s level will increase.



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Download MOD v1.53.46 (160.MB)

How to install Hay Day Mod APK (Unlimited Everything, Diamonds) Download 2022 APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Hay Day Mod APK (Unlimited Everything, Diamonds) Download 2022 APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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