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If you are a fan of Candy Crush, the Homescapes MOD APK modifies the game to have magical features. Download the latest 2022 MOD version.
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Party preparation

Homescapes MOD APK – It is a popular game from Playrix that tasks players with restoring the main character’s childhood home. As you complete levels, restore different house areas and earn stars, additional rooms and elements are unlocked, such as design accessories like wallpaper to put on walls or new furniture to create models.

In Homescapes, you’ll meet Austin, the butler, and his mother, who reside in the house. Together with Austin, you’ll need to complete puzzles to help him repair the home so he can invite his friends over for a party. In this regard, it is pretty similar to Gardenscapes, where players had to complete levels to restore a garden and make it look like its former glory. When you first begin playing Homescapes, you may be underwhelmed by the lack of challenge as most levels only require one or two steps to solve them before they are completed. However, things get much more challenging once past level 10 or 15 of any area’s renovation (out of 20). For example, instead of simply swapping two items around, you may have to rotate objects or move items from one room to another.

Download Homescapes MOD APK and enjoy playing the game with unlimited resources, like; unlimited lives, stars, coins, and unlocked all levels.



MOD Features of the Homescapes

1. Unlimited Lives

2. Unlimited Coins

3. Unlimited Stars

4. Unlocked ALL levels

5. No Ads (optional)

Disena Homescapes

Standard Features

Homescapes features a delightful story that unfolds in chapters as you complete each area of the house. You will also encounter different characters along the way, such as Austin’s friends who are renovating their homes too and getting involved in your current renovation projects and progress. The goal is to restore all house areas and eventually transform it into a high-end hotel where everyone can come and enjoy its new outlook. As you play, there are various ways you can obtain coins for use within Homescapes:

  • Playing levels
  • Visiting your friends’ homes
  • Watching videos
  • Inviting people via Facebook (available once per day)

In addition to this, you can also collect stars for completing each level by either reaching a specific score target or simply finishing the story quickly.

Homescapes is an entertaining game with many elements that have made it as popular as other Playrix titles such as Gardenscapes and Fishdom. The match-3 puzzles are well designed, there are lots to do with loads of different levels to complete, and the extra quests will keep you coming back for more. Best of all, it’s completely free to play, so download Homescapes today from your mobile device and get started on restoring Austin’s childhood home! Have a look at our guide below if you need any help in playing the game.

Dining hall



Homescapes walkthroughs are here. We have made a guide to help you with the different tasks of this game. You have to complete each level of the game to enjoy more fun. You can also use Homescape cheats such as Unlimited Coins, Unlimited Lives, and much more. Let’s begin with the Homescapes walkthrough below:

Open your windows houses via gold keys obtained from quests – they will give you tools, furniture, decorations, and many other items you can use to renovate and decorate your house.


Your mission is to complete the renovation of the house by winning levels to collect stars. You have a specific game board for each level, the number of moves allowed, and goals such as matching three or more items or clearing all items from the board. To win each level, you need to complete your objective before running out of moves. The time you use will be recorded at the end (you can also gain a time bonus); try to earn as many points as possible with the correct placement of the item to get 3 stars in every level – make sure not to waste your moves by trying a different approach if something doesn’t work right away!


To obtain more stars quickly, earn all the bonuses possible by finishing levels quickly, activating their effects, and making sure you have enough moves left at the end of each level to gain additional bonus points.

Feed Pets:

You can feed pets that will require specific items; only one pet can be provided at a time, and they can only be fed if they are hungry (tapping on your pet will show you how hungry it is). Once it’s complete, an additional item will appear on its bowl so remember to feed them again after some time or else they’ll starve and die! You can collect hearts (maximum of 10), which can be used to revive a dead pet, or you can wait until your energy is complete and then use it to restore them.


You will encounter many different characters in the game who need something from you; some even want to become friends with you so that they’ll provide you with various items! Along the way, different types of hidden object scenes will also appear: either matching words as fast as possible (time-based) or finding specific things on the screen.

Facebook friends:

You have an option to connect via Facebook, which might require acceptance depending on your current settings – completing quests for your Facebook friends will provide extra benefits compared to those from other players. As well as this, you get one spin per day when you open the game, and your spin can be converted into coins, stars, or bonus life.


You can add more lives by simply waiting for them to regenerate (up to a maximum of 5) or ask your Facebook friends for free lives. You should only do this as a last resort because they will take longer than usual to recharge! Alternatively, you could use Homescapes cheats if you wish to get unlimited lives immediately on Facebook devices such as iPhone / iPad with iOS 8.4+.

Items for Level completion: If there are things in your way of completing a level, such as other items which cannot be matched (e.g., light switches), use/activate those items by tapping on them once they’re in your possession – this will allow other objects to move around freely so that you can complete the levels as fast as possible!


When playing quests, different colored keys will appear from time to time – this means that you can only open a specific chest once on each level (e.g., a blue key will be used to open blue chests). As soon as you’ve opened a chest, it will turn into a question mark and add another quest to your list.

Once you have completed all available quests in the game, you MUST use energy points to access new quests! You receive around three energy points every 5 minutes, so it might take much longer than expected for what is essentially unlimited free lives; additionally, don’t forget that you also get 1 spin per day which turns into either coins or stars if used before—going to bed at night!


Complete all the levels within each group by gathering enough stars from the first few levels, which will unlock the final quests of each group. You’ll need to use special skills such as super match – this is done by matching four items instead of 3; you can activate these skills once they have been unlocked early on in the game.

Complete the Game:

To complete the game, you need to finish all available quests and renovate everything until it’s fully upgraded (to level 10). Once your house has been upgraded enough times, a golden trophy icon will appear near your home while playing quests!


For fans of Candy Crush Saga who currently play Homescapes for unlimited lives: just like candy crush, Homescapes provides various power-ups that may become handy in certain situations; these include wmod-a-mole (randomly select one item on the board), rocket booster (all items on the board will turn into rockets and will explode clearing a path to make matches easier for a short period) and color switch (turns all tiles into the same color – making it easy to create combos).

Get prizes



Select the level:

The first thing you need to do is select a difficulty level on the map screen; it’s usually best to play easy mode for the first few levels until you get the hang of Homescapes and game controls. After that, switch between difficulty levels as and when you feel comfortable with them. You can change this setting at any time by tapping on that specific level in your quest section (tap on the top right arrow).

How to Collect Items:

As stated above, swipe across your screen to move from one side of the house to another and collect items indicated by question marks (these will turn into stars once collected). Once you’re happy with your choice, confirm the purchase of that particular item using some of your energy points and coins.

How to win Level:

To win a level in Homescapes, you need to collect all required items as indicated by question marks (turns into stars once collected). You can do this by matching 3 or more items next to each other which will allow you to collect them; for example, if there’s a couch with two light switches that cannot be matched – make matches next to these objects until they are removed from the board allowing you to match and collect that specific item. So long as you meet the requirements of all levels – you’ll be able to finish the game!

If, at any point in time, you’re unable to complete a level within a given amount of moves/time – don’t give up! You can always use your energy points or other boosters to help make that final move and complete the game. If this still doesn’t work, use some of your coins to purchase additional moves during any point in the level (select the specific item on the board and confirm using the required amount of coins).

Play a Quest:

Don’t forget that every time you play a quest – certain objectives must be completed; for example, one of them requires you to collect six items with a purple butterfly next to each one within 35 minutes. At times like these, remember to take advantage of all available power-ups such as a rocket booster (which turns all tiles into rockets that will explode, allowing you more space/time for making matches) or super game (turns into four items making it easier to create combos).

Coins and Energy points:

Be smart when spending your coins and energy points! Always take advantage of the fact that you can purchase unlimited lives using stars (you get one star for every five levels completed) – this means that from round 10 onwards, you can always continue the game by purchasing unlimited lives. This is especially useful if you only have a few moves left to finish a certain level; continue playing this particular quest until hearts replenish. You can do this by tapping on your energy bar – located in the top left corner of the screen (above question mark).

What to do when short of moves:

When you’re left with only five moves during a specific level, try to make matches as close as possible to where you are currently standing. This way, you’ll be able to make at least one or two combos that will help clear blocks and allow you to move forward in completing that game round. 8) Always match three or more items together when playing Homescapes! This is because combos help collect items much faster than normal; for example, if there’s one lamp and two couches each needing to be collected – combine these objects into one combo and watch them disappear from the board! In addition, if you manage to create an explosion of color in doing so – you’ll earn more coins and points for that specific move.

At any point in the game, if you’re unable to make matches over a certain amount of moves because the board is blocked with different objects – look for smaller paths that will allow you to collect just 1 or 2 items by moving across your screen. As long as there are no obstacles/deeper maze levels on the way – you should be able to complete that level round!

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sound and graphics

Sound and Graphics

The game has a unique soundtrack, which fits perfectly with the overall theme of Homescapes! Each level in the quest offers a different song which you’ll learn to love – especially if you’re someone who enjoys taking your time to plan out your next move. In addition, each time you make matches and combos, you’ll be able to hear an exciting sound effect; this also happens when selecting different power-ups during any part of the game.

The graphics are stunningly made – it features smooth animations and cute character designs. While walking around the house, take some time to notice background movements and small details placed around various parts of the room. For example, while playing round 2 (living room), pay close attention to the fireplace, and you’ll be able to witness two characters (young boy and girl) in front of it. This is an excellent way for Homescapes fans to reminisce about other available games from RobTop Games!


How To Get Unlimited FREE Coins, Start and Lives in Homescapes with Android/iOS

Many Homescapes fans have always asked us how they can get free unlimited coins with Android Android 4.2 + device. You can download the Homescapes MOD APK from the button below, which contains everything unlimited.

Open more rooms

Install MOD APK

How to Install

1. Enable the “unknown source app” from settings>security option.

2. Go to the link and download the MOD version of Homescapes.

3. Click install! And wait for it to finish loading data:)

4. Wait 1-2 minutes to install the Homescapes MOD APK and enjoy free unlimited coins with Android.

Conclusion icon


Homescapes is a game that is great for anyone who enjoys planting and designing gardens. The idea that our home is designed better than before makes this game one of the best games to play offline. It comes with unique design plans. You can get lots of features in the Homescapes mod apk, including unlimited energy, coins, and lives. Homescape provides free tricks and tips on how you can easily beat any level within few moves using some tricks and mods such as combining objects into combos as well as using boosters like a rocket which turns all the things into rockets so that creating new matches becomes easier and faster allowing you to move ahead in the game with fewer moves left.

Homescapes has amazing graphics and the game is very easy to play. The rules are also simple, making it excellent for gamers of all ages. There are so many great design plans available on your way as you complete each level, which keeps you hooked onto the game for long hours without realizing the time passing by. This allows you to have quality entertainment even while spending time alone at home trying to beat levels of this game. It can be said that this is a perfect combination of enjoyment, learning something new, and keeping yourself entertained all through your day with just one android app!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can we download Homescapes for free?

There is no doubt that Original Homescapes offers an excellent gaming experience, but it does have some limitations that make free playing quite tricky. To easily access all the levels without much difficulty, one has to buy Coins and Lives using real money through in-app purchases, making it clear that this game falls under the Freemium category. However, everything is free in the Homescapes MOD APK version, which you can find on our website.

What devices are supported by Homescapes?

The official website of RobTop Games mentions that this game can be played on any device running Android 4.1 and up versions and iOS 8.0 and later versions, making it clear that all devices support the original version of this game. On the other hand, Homescapes Mod APK for Android runs smoothly even on low-end Android smartphones without experiencing any crashes or lags, making it suitable to play without any problems on all devices.

Are Homescapes MOD APK and Homescapes Apk the same?

In the original Homescapes, you are restricted to a handful of coins and lives. You cannot make more in-app purchases, every level is locked except the tutorial. In this MOD version of Homescapes, however, it allows unlimited coins as well as lives with all levels already unlocked.



Download links

Download MOD v5.1.6 (149MB)

How to install Homescapes Mod Apk (Unlimited Lives, Coins and Stars) Download 2022 APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Homescapes Mod Apk (Unlimited Lives, Coins and Stars) Download 2022 APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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