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Download Jetpack Joyride Mod APK Latest Version 2022 for Android ((Unlimited Money, Mod Menu, Unlimited Everything, Jetpacks)
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Halfbrick Studios
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Do you want to be like a real hero, a warrior who fights against enemies and saves the world? Well, you can be. This Arcade game is all about flying through the sky in your pack, fighting robots, using coins that you get for free in this mod version, and improving your jetpack. This game is based on the idea that scientists have invented a pack for use on jetpacks. As part of their invention, the developers have included a robot to make it work. Because our main character is dissatisfied with their situation and works on paper, as the developers mention at the start of the game, this game will make you feel like a true hero. You must not only fight your opponents with a pack, but you must also disguise yourself as a mechanical robot.

Jetpack Joyride Mod APK is where you fight your way through the game, complete missions, earn coins, and get new weapons and power-ups. Each of them has his own special powers and special attacks. Every assignment in the game provides you with the opportunity to gather extra coins. You may use these coins to enhance your weapon, robot suit, jetpack, and other items. As a hero, you can assist scientists in improving their concepts.

So don’t wait anymore, get ready to play this amazing arcade game with unlimited features by clicking the Download button below!


Mod Features of Jetpack Joyride Mod APK 

  • Unlimited Money 
  • No Game Ads 
  • Stunning Jet packs Unlocked 
  • Unlimited Customization Outfits 
  • Updates for Free
  • Maximum Damage to enemies 
  • Multiplayer 
  • Mod Menu
  • Unlimited Everything 
  • Special Machines Unlocked 
  • Free to Play 
  • No Lagging or crashing of application
  • 100% Working 
  • No In App Purchases 
  • Unlocked All Game Missions
  • No root or any jailbreak is necessary for Android Devices 

New Updates 

  • SHINY new StarfleetMech
  • Reaches maximum warp with the Starshipjetpack
  • New and Better game graphics quality 
  • Collect fan favourite characters from across the series
  • There are new missions added to the game.
  • All-new Voyager Shuttlecraft Vehicle
  • There are four new vehicle skins, as well as a new SAM.
  • You can keep four backgrounds for free 
  • Gameplay Optimized

Standard Features 

  • Jetpacks can be used to fly about the lab.
  • The wave-rider can be surfed in all its magnificence.
  • To advance in rank, you must perform dangerous assignments.
  • Take your look to the next level by dressing in crazy outfits.
  • Guided missiles, guided lasers, and zappers are all examples of guided weapons.
  • Collect coins to make a lot of money and millions of dollars.
  • The lab is home to massive mechs, bizarre vehicles, and robots.
  • High-tech gadgets and boosts should be encouraged.
  • Fight it out with your pals to get achievements.
  • To test your reflexes, all you’ll need are simple one-touch controls.
  • In special events, new game types are accessible.


This is the latest version of the game Jetpack Joyride. In this mod apk, the player does not have to jump. The player can fight against various robots in the course of the game. Your task is to finish this game and unlock all the jetpacks. The jetpack will help you to avoid incoming obstacles and enemies during your adventure. The jetpack is your best friend, all you need to do is to move the jetpack up or down to dodge incoming enemies and obstacles. You have unlimited lives in this mod that you can use to perform special attacks that will help you take out all the enemies in one shot. Barry the Jetpacker offers you many thrilling levels that will test your skills and reflexes. The game is fun, addicting and challenging to play! 

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Character Customization

A person’s appearance reflects the personality therefore players are free to customize their character’s costume at the shop for free. There is no limit to how many times they can customize their character is the advantage of this mod. By wearing the clothes, the character gains extra stats, such as increased attack and defense. If you really want to be flashy, you can equip up to four different costumes at once, but each costume has its own cost. It is also possible to combine outfits so that the combination works better than each individual costume. 

Customizable Jetpacks

Your jetpack can have different options, including color choices, the number of rockets, and even different models. You can customize the look of the jetpack with different skins, too. The best part? Your jetpacks can be upgraded as you go through missions. There’s no limit to how many upgrades you can make in a jetpack, and you will get unlocked all-powerful jetpacks in this mod apk version. 



Thanks to its one-touch control, the game is very easy to play. Rockets, fires, and bullets are the only things visible on the screen, and players may only maneuver their characters with their fingers. The game is not as simple as it appears, and you will struggle to overcome the hurdles.

sound and graphics

Graphics and Sounds 

The graphics are very colorful and cartoony 2D graphics. The world is also filled with lots of action, which makes it even more fun to play. Buttons and characters are also well designed. You can easily understand what each button does just by looking at them. The sound effects are also very good. The game has a great atmosphere because of them.

Graphics and sound are used to tell the story. Gunshots, rocket launches, and explosions have incredible sound effects. It’s as though you’re walking in Barry’s shoes. The game’s soundtracks are fantastic, and they match your activities in the game. They modify the pace of the game at certain points to match your experience. The graphics and sound effects make a great combination with each other. The games have the most realistic and impressive sound effects. 


Download Jetpack Joyride Mod APK Latest Version for Android (Unlimited Everything, Jetpacks)

Halfbrick Studios has created Jetpack Joyride, a physics-based arcade game. The player is given control over Barry, who is a jetpack. You’ll have the chance to complete several missions and go through a range of levels. This game is backward compatible with Android 4.4 and works flawlessly with later versions.

Install MOD APK

How to Install Jetpack Joyride Mod APK 

  1. Unknown sources should be enabled in Settings>Security>Unknown sources.
  2. After you’ve downloaded the software, you’ll need to transfer it to your Android device.
  3. Using a file manager, locate and launch Rider MOD APK from the device’s internal storage.
  4. Once you’ve tapped “Install,” you’re done.
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Jetpack Joyride Mod is a great game for your device. It is one of the top mobile games. The game is very simple to play, but it is also extremely challenging, especially to those who are new to mobile gaming and this game also features a character customization system. Players can get access to the jetpack and use it to avoid obstacles, and destroy enemies. You can easily upgrade the jetpack at any time as you go through different missions in the game. It has an awesome and exciting story, fantastic graphics, and brilliant sound effects. If you are a fan of physics-based arcade games, you’ll find this mod irresistible.



Q. What’s New in Jetpack Joyride Mod APK?

Multiplayer is now available! This feature allows players to compete with each other for high scores on the leaderboards.

Q. Is it available to be played on Laptop or PC?

Yes, you just need a good Android emulator and you are good to play this Arcade stunner.

Q. Is it possible for me and my friends to play this game together?

Yes, you can. To play with your friends in the game’s multiplayer mode, all you need is a stable internet connection.

Q. Is it possible to play the game on a rooted device.

Yes. The game can also be played without root privileges.

Q. How should I avoid application crashing?

To avoid any problems, simply follow the installation instructions to the letter.



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