PUBG MOD APK (Unlimited UC, Health, ESP + Anti Ban) Download 2022


Download PUBG MOBILE 1.5: IGNITION MOD APK for free with unlimited UC, Health, ESP, AimBot, BC, and antiban and unlocked weapons. Enjoy the most popular game without any limitation.
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PUBG (MOD APK) – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, a popular online battle royale video game that lets you play with up to one hundred other players.

The game is a lot of fun, but it’s limitations. You’ll find that the developers have left out some features that you would expect in a pro version, such as unlimited money, ammo, UC (unlimited coins/money), and increased health.

An excellent modded version of the game is PUBG MOD APK, which has all these missing features! Download this new mod app from our site to enjoy a more complete gaming experience.







MOD Features of PUBG APK

Unlimited Ammo

The first thing you’ll notice about the modded game is the unlimited ammo. You can shoot and reload with no limits! For all the weapons.

Increased Health

The next thing is the increased health feature. If you are shot by a lethal weapon, such as an M24 or AWM, you will survive with only a tiny amount of health left rather than being instantly killed (regular PUBG). The increased health feature in MOD APK will help you to survive longer. You can get a unique advantage of the situation.

Unlimited UC

Unlimited UC is a standalone mod that offers you many features to improve the PUBG experience. There are tons of options to customize your game.

If you’ve played the game and found that some things are not working well, for example, if your teammates don’t care about vehicles or flags. Another issue might be, “When I’m on a squad with X person/people, somehow we always get different servers.” This mod solves all these problems by making everything unlimited! Unlimited UC also includes other new features such as increasing the loot spawn rates to help farming MORE LOOT faster and easier (stay at the same level). Do crafting in town? It will take only 1 second to craft now instead of 10 seconds.

Unlimited BP

This mod will give you unlimited BP, and it doesn’t require any additional cost; all you need to do is visit the “GC,” a currency exchange building. After that, just buy the amount of BP you want, and that’s it. But keep in mind, this feature only works during the early game, so if your level is more than 15, then this mod won’t work anymore for you because your BP limit has already been increased based on your deck. And as for now, this MOD APK hasn’t been implemented yet, something that can increase the highest limit of BP besides leveling up and becoming famous; however, sometime later, MOD developer might add a new feature through which players can earn high amounts of BC (BC or Battle Points are another currency in PUBG).

Multiplayer in PUBG game


Join and make friends with players around the world! The lobby has 4 different types of servers to choose from: Solo, Duo, Squad, and 20+ people. Just select the server type in the lobby that you want to play on (Solo is 1v1, 2-4; Duo is 2v2, 3-6; Squad is 5-20+, 20+ being a full squad) After you join your chosen server type, press “Find Match” at the bottom right corner of your screen (be sure not to join an empty room.) Then wait until it finds a match and another player joins.

PUBG Invisible option


Well, this is one of my favorite features in this modded game because you can be invisible at any time you want. All you have to do is press 5 or 7 depending on the gamepad, and voila, your character turns into an invincible ghost. While playing with this feature, I have found no point in killing the other players since they will never die anyway. So just ignore them and go for the buildings and vehicles instead!


Enemies always congregate at the front lines in both war and PUBG Games, which prevents players from engaging in long battles as they are outnumbered. This is where Wallmod comes into play as it lets users find out opponents who are behind cover or walls with a quick glance so that they can quickly kill them and advance on their current objective.


This crosshair will help you aim at the target quickly because it doesn’t show in the middle of the screen as a standard one. It is always shown outside of your camera view with black color; if your aim goes out of it, it turns white for 3 seconds. You just have to move your mouse slowly towards that direction, and you’ll hit the target for sure.



It shows only the enemy player’s position on/off based upon ping (since Wallmod). You can also hide from radar by pressing the ‘U’ button. You can also check other player’s kills, scores, and ping with this.

Kill cam in PUBG

Kill cam

This feature will come to you as soon as someone on your server is killed. It shows in slow motion how the player was dead or in case of suicide/crashing. It’ll show how he died while playing PUBG. I used RMB because too many people use the Z key, which sometimes becomes annoying, so it is replaced with another button that we do not usually use.



This mod allows you to aim at any target on the map without being detected by others. It works for any weapon, even while moving. You will be able to see exactly where your shots land or miss. I used to cheat in CSGO before it was patched with an anti-cheat by the VAC system, which bans your account immediately when used. I’ve since moved onto PUBG and figured this would work great for this game as well, especially for those who have a hard time aiming/shooting at other players. This mod has been tested in many competitions and works great for me.

How to use: 1) Get the target you want to aim at in your sights, a marker will appear over their head letting you know that they have been selected by you 2) Press F5 to lock onto the target 3) now aim where ever you want on the map 4) when ready click F6 (default key bind is right mouse button). A rocket will now be launched at the target location you aimed at.

A quick and straightforward way to identify where someone is in a building without exposing yourself to them is by poking out from a window or door of said building. You can also use this on enemies on rooftops, so you know where they are relative to your position.

Setting up the gravity

With this mod option, you can set up the gravity exactly how much you want it. so if you like fast falling or faster running without making any changes to mouse sensitivity, just use this feature and set it to whatever number you want!

No recoil on sniper rifles

There will be no more annoying recoil on sniper rifles when shooting with guns like AWM or Kar 98 etc.

Fast scoping

You will be able to scope and discharge much faster now. The default time for scoping in this mod is 0.5 seconds, but you can change it to whatever number you want, even negative if you wish! This means that every gun with a scope will be 1 shot kill on the head at all ranges.

No fog

Do you hate how foggy it is in the morning and late at night? Well, now there’s no more fog! So play whenever you want!

Increased bullet speed/range

Bullets travel way faster, making duels more realistic! Some of them have a more extended range; for example, shotgun pellets go really far!

Increased hitboxes

Hitscan hitboxes were increased 15% on average, while bullet and melee hitboxes were slightly nerfed to balance it out (don’t worry, you will hardly notice it)

Balanced melee damage

Everyone’s favorite weapon got buffed a little bit – the crowbar. Knives have a bigger radius, so they are better at cutting off limbs. Other weapons such as axes, bats, etc., received overall slight nerfs just to be fair for everyone.

Better aim assists

All of your bullets will find their target way easier! crosshair is also more visible in bright places.

Player Spawn

You can teleport yourself wherever you want, whenever you want on a server by using the Teleport Menu. If there are too many players on your map (which will most likely happen), then your spawn might get locked and wouldn’t appear when clicked on the map. This issue should not occur if there aren’t too many people playing together, as when I tried a server with 200+ people playing together, I spawned terrific every time I pressed my spawn button from the Teleport Menu. You might experience some lags, though, if there are too many players on the game.

Vehicle Spawn

You can spawn whatever vehicle you want to anytime you want in a server as long as it is already created in your map. Simply go to the Vehicle Menu and press the “Teleport” button from that menu. You should be able to see the vehicles moving around on your screen right after pressing the Teleport button. To get inside of any vehicle, simply aim at a particular vehicle with your crosshair (don’t need to shoot) and click E or F keys depending on what keybindings you’ve set up for it, and the door of that vehicle will open, allowing you to drive inside of it. Please note that this modded game allows ALL vehicles to be destroyed entirely. I tried to shoot a PUBG Bus with my M249 and managed to blow up the front window of that bus, but the back windows were unharmed as if nothing happened. You can literally shoot anything in this modded game so try it out!


Anything you hurt in this modded game will eventually start burning (without spreading fire on other objects) until it is 100% destroyed or disappears. People, vehicles, bushes, fences… Everything will burn even though they have been shot once. Make sure you don’t spam your firing button too much because people might think you’re using cheat mods by watching your screen.

  • Ultra High-Quality Environment Maps

This feature will make images seem much clearer and brighter with a higher level of detail.

  • Very strong Anti-Aliasing:

Using this feature, you can enjoy the game with an ultra-clear image by eliminating the jagged edges from objects in the game. Players who have tried this feature confirmed looking at stunning and crisp graphics during their matches.

New Skins

Many new costumes have been added to enable players to change their characters into various outfits without having to pay for them if they don’t want to use real money for virtual items in this game. They’re free! Check out some examples below: – Male Shaolin – Female Shaolin – Male Detective – Female Detective – Male Schoolbag – Female Schoolbag.

New Map Feature – Loot Crates

Loot crates generate on a random location on the map, and only loot locations you have visited will be generated again, which means that if you visit all of them, then there are no more loot crates for other players to get.

Tesla Collaboration


Gameplay is the most crucial feature of PUBG. You will not be able to progress if you don’t know how to play. Gameplay can be challenging, but it can also be fun. The goal is to eliminate other players by getting them killed in many ways, such as with guns, explosives, or other projectile weaponry, melee weapons, traps, and vehicles.

If you want to play more shooting games then I’ll recommend you to play; Dead Trigger 2 MOD APK and Call of Duty MOD APK.

Sound and Graphics

The graphics are very detailed, and you can also customize your mobile so that it is easier to control. They accurately depict the environment you’re in and any other objects or characters nearby, so you get a true sense of what’s going on around you at all times. It is very easy to purchase additional features for the game without spending real money with this MOD APK.

The 3D sound effects and music make the game even more immersive. The sound is intense and realistic. It’s comparable to the sounds that I would expect when walking around a battlefield or forest, and it makes me feel like I’m at the moment.

RP MI Now updated monthly

Download PUBG Mobile MOD APK [Unlimited UC, AimBot, Unlocked Weapons]

Now download PUBG Mobile MOD APK with the latest features. This is the best PUBG MOD version right now; it has all the latest features. Download it without any hesitation to enjoy more fun in this game. Now test it and give your feedback in the comment section below.



How to Install

  1. Download the APK and  OBB files.
  2. Find a data management or extraction app for your mobile device.
  3. Enable installation of APK files to allow third-party apps from “Unknown sources” (Enable this feature through Settings>Security>Unknown Sources).
  4. Then, install the APK file, but do not open it.
  5. Check for an OBB file in the android folder if there is none, then create a new one by extracting/unzipping the .zip file.
  6. Now you can open the game and play.


The graphics are excellent, making it an ideal choice for gamers who want to enjoy this popular battle royale style of gaming experience. When you play PUBG Mobile MOD APK online or offline with your friends, you’ll find that the controls make what would typically be complex tasks simple. This includes shooting from vehicles and landing in helicopters without crashing into things – all while trying to avoid getting killed by other players! With so many features like customizable mobile controls, training modes, voice chat capabilities (and more), there’s no reason not to give PUBG Mobile a try today. What do you think of this game? Have you had a chance to test it out yet? Let us know in the comments section! Don’t forget that if you want to download more games like PUBG Mobile, we have many different MOD APK games on our site.


Q. Can I play with my friends?

YES! You can meet up with your real-life buddies through the in-game friends system and team up to make your way up the leaderboards. You can also play a Duo Mode and team up with someone else if you like.

Q. How can I invite my friend?

To add your friend in PUBG MOBILE:

1) Open your Player Profile by tapping on your name from the home screen. Then select Friend List.

2) Select Invite Friend to input the email addresses of players you wish to invite (maximum of 50). Charges may apply if sending an invitation to non-ANZ players who have not downloaded or registered for PUBG MOBILE.

3) Your invitations will be sent immediately. Players you have invited will need to register for PUBG MOBILE and agree to the PUBG MOBILE Terms of Service to play with you.

4) Once your friends have registered for PUBG MOBILE, they can find you by tapping on My Friends from the home screen and selecting Find Friends. You will also receive an invitation email if your friend accepts the invitation.

Then, just select the server where your friend is located so that you can join them there! Remember: Only invited friends can join a Duo Mode game with you! If you want other players to join, simply change your mode selection in the top right corner of the screen.

Q. How long is the game?

By default, a match lasts until all players are eliminated, or only one survivor is left. In each round, the play zone shrinks down, and players must remain within it to avoid taking damage from the blue zone and eventually getting killed. The last player or team standing wins that round. At the end of every fourth round (or earlier if less than 10 players are remaining), an “S” rank winner is determined based on their performance during all four rounds and given an exclusive plate armor skin as a reward! You’ll get more rewards by winning more games! When you lose, you will respawn instantly and can rejoin another ongoing match immediately. If everyone on your team is eliminated or only one player/team left, you will receive the “Savage” rank. Savage mode matches give out more BP than regular ranked games and determine the final rankings for that match.

Q. Will I get banned for using mods on pubg mobile apk?

NO. You are 100% safe using mods on pubg mobile apk.

Q. Is there a video guide for this or something like that?

Yes, there is. I have seen those video guides for pubg mobile apk, and they are pretty awesome. You can search for PUBG tutorials on YouTube.



Download links

Download MOD v1.0 (4.9MB) Download OBB v1.5.0 (586MB)

How to install PUBG MOD APK (Unlimited UC, Health, ESP + Anti Ban) Download 2022?

1. Download the ZIP file.

2. Install the Split APKs Installer application

3. Open the application and click on "Install APKs".

4. Find the folder where the downloaded ZIP is located and select it.

5. Follow the steps that appear on the screen.

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