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Download This War Of Mine Mod APK Latest Version 2022 for Android (All Unlocked, Free Shopping, Unlimited Resources, Everything)
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You don’t play as an elite soldier in This War Of Mine simulation game; instead, you play as a bunch of citizens attempting to survive in a besieged city, battling a scarcity of food, medicine, and constant risk from snipers and nasty scavengers. The game allows players to experience conflict from a whole different perspective. Snipers outside your sanctuary prevent you from going during the day, so you must focus on running your hideaway, which involves making, trading, and caring for your survivors. Send one of your civilians on a midnight mission to collect crucial supplies that will keep you alive in a variety of settings.

Based on your morals, make life-or-death decisions. Protect everyone in your shelter, or make some sacrifices for long-term survival. In battle, there are no right or wrong choices; only survival. It’s preferable if you figure out what’s going on as soon as possible. Despite the fact that the game takes place during a war, you play as a civilian rather than a soldier. A common aspect in all of these games is that they all replicate a horrific battle. The game will demonstrate how the war has harmed innocent people. They must bear the burden of an unjust war in their own land. This game will allow you to experience life in challenging conditions without any assistance. If you don’t find a means to survive on your own, death will find you. So go ahead and download the game to have a good time.


Mod features of The War Of Mine

  • DLC Unlocked 
  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Unlocked All
  • Free To play
  • Unlimited Everything
  • No In-App Purchases
  • Free Shopping
  • Unlocked All Levels
  • Unlimited Items/food/Medicine
  • Unlocked Weapons
  • Crafted items: Alcohol, beds, stoves.

new updates

  • Optimized Gameplay
  • Bug Fixes
  • Graphics Improvement

Standard Features

  • Real-life occurrences served as inspiration
  • Keep an eye on your survivors and keep an eye on your refuge.
  • You can either make weapons, alcohol, beds, or whatever else you need to survive.
  • Make decisions, which may be a punishing and emotionally draining process.
  • Each time you start a new game, the world and characters are produced at random.
  • Aesthetics inspired by charcoal to fit the game’s concept.


This War Of Mine Apk reddit is a survival game set in a war-torn country. Rather than providing users with firearms and helmets to fight the enemy on the front lines, the main character is an emaciated citizen struggling to stay alive as the conflict continues. As bombs and bullets fly overhead, the user must lead a group of civilians. The main goal is to not only assure your own survival, but also to look after the other members of your gang and ensure that they all make it out alive.

It’s your role to help your team get through that tense scenario. All of the game’s details are based on your actions, rather than a storyline like in other games. In the game, you must survive for a specific length of time. Writing a memoir is a one-of-a-kind skill. For example, there is a member of your organisation who has been gravely injured and does not have enough bandages, antibiotics, etc. The survivors will then rewrite what happened a few days later.

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Harsh Survival

You’ll get unlimited resources such as food, medicine, and other materials spread about the city in the hard survival circumstances of This War of Mine. These materials can be used to make production tools or refugee requirements. In the face of other refugees’ attacks. For your survival you may use food and medicine. Aside from the lack of basic requirements, you must pay attention and keep an eye out for attacks by other refugees. In a dismal city, look for essentials, rob civilians, or even steal from the army. You can receive food and water in a variety of ways. 

Make Decisions

They can be incredibly tough and emotionally taxing because you are the head of your shelter and must make various decisions there. As a result, it becomes critical for you to make intelligent decisions that benefit everyone else in the room.



To switch to the next character, use ‘Tab’. ‘Esc’ to navigate to the game menu (also pauses). ‘Space’ to pause the game,  ‘Left Click’ to exit the game. Tool for character movement and selection. ‘Double Click’ causes characters to sprint towards a target, item, or location. Right-clicking is the same as double-clicking allows for faster item stack transfers, sales, and purchases. The function of the middle click is the same as the function of the left click. ‘Mouse Wheel’ Zoom in and out by moving the wheel up and down. Inventory/containers are scrolled.

sound and graphics

Graphics and Sounds 

Hand-drawn HD graphics make a great effect in This War of Mine. This design’s strength is that it brings the scene closer and more lifelike than it has ever been before. In addition, the major colour palette is black and white, which contrasts with the melancholy and brutality of a dying planet engulfed in chaos. In the aftermath of the conflict, pointless bombs caused innocent individuals to face the full brunt of the effects. There was nothing except ashes and black smoke.


Download This War Of Mine Mod APK Latest Version for Android (Unlimited Resources, Everything)

This War of Mine is an adventurous Android simulation game and it is developed by 11 bit studios. In this game You have to know what it’s like to be a civilian living in a war-torn city. Civilians are caught in a minefield, fighting for survival. They’re also in danger from snipers and scavengers who want to eat them. It provides a standard war perspective from a unique standpoint, making it a unique game. The game needs Android 4.0 and up to play.

Install MOD APK

How to Install This War Of Mine Mod APK

  1. Select Security > Settings from the drop-down menu. Unknown Source or Unknown Sources should be enabled from here.
  2. Tap on Modded APKs to install the Modded APK and OBB files.
  3. Use Winrar to open OBB zip files.
  4. Remove the OBB file from your computer.
  5. Toggle between the Menu and More icons, then Downloads.
  6. Done! Now go into your game and look for the character you’re looking for.
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This War of Mine Apk provides a fantastic gaming experience as well as a heartbreaking storey. It stands apart from other survival games since it focuses on civilians who persevere in the face of adversity rather than heroic troops. It brings to light the numerous tragedies that people trapped in combat zones must undergo. The game is well-made, with superb graphics and sound that keep the game moving along and set the proper tone. This, along with a number of other factors, has earned the game critical acclaim and widespread popularity around the globe.



Q. How does the game impacts on player’s mind?

This “War of Mine” not only affects players’ thoughts, but it also reminds us of the war’s indifference and numbing when we were bashing the game’s murder. A bleak image served as a warning to the rest of the globe. There will always be more dreary figure among the ruins play a bloody scenery, hopelessly watching the fall of life.

Q. When is the optimum time to go looking for and finding refugee bunkers?

Optimum time to go searching for and finding bunkers for the refugees who have requested assistance is at night.

Q. Which version is suitable for Android smartphones to download this game?

To download the game, you must have an Android version of 4.0 or higher.

Q. How do I craft items for war in this game?

You don’t need to craft items, you’ll get crafted weapons, beds, stoves for free.



Download links

Download Mod APK v1.5.5 (7MB) Download OBB v1.5.5 (430MB)

How to install This War Of Mine Mod APK (All Unlocked, Free Shopping) Download 2022 ?

1. Download the ZIP file.

2. Install the Split APKs Installer application

3. Open the application and click on "Install APKs".

4. Find the folder where the downloaded ZIP is located and select it.

5. Follow the steps that appear on the screen.

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