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Download Township MOD APK v8.4.0 [Unlimited Money, Anti Ban, Cash]. You'll be able to grow quickly with the level up boost mode.
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Township APK (MOD) – What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a farmer? I bet it’s not something as glamorous as a city planner.

Would you love the idea of your favorite farming simulator to be a great board game in which you will create not only your beautiful farm but also the city? Starting from scratch and developing and building new buildings with agriculture assistance, or maybe Township mod APK is a fantastic management game with modern graphics. Develop your city with the help of agriculture and become famous worldwide!

The Township mod APK has unlimited money so that you could keep building without ever running out of cash.

Download the mod APK file, and enjoy the game without worrying about not having enough money or time!



MOD Features of Township

1) Money [Unlimited]

2) Cash [Unlimited]

3) Exp Points [Unlimited]

4) Skill Level Cap [Maxed Out]

5) Unlock Everything in the Game

6 ) Anti Ban

7) No Ads

Decorate Township game

Standard features:

– Build your dream town.

– Manage farms and factories to grow crops, process goods, and more.

– Collect ancient artifacts from the mine or purchase them with in-game currency.

– Gather resources for upgrades by visiting exotic islands and collecting goods from farms, plants, and animals.

– Craft items and buy upgrades from the store with gems or coins.

– Decorate your town, farms, factories, and animals to make them look even more spectacular!

– Fight against disasters by rebuilding a town that’s been wrecked in the aftermath of a tornado, tsunami, or alien invasion.

– Explore different neighborhoods and meet friendly townspeople.

– Decorate your town with unique landmarks and customize it to your liking.

– You can play Township MOD APK on your Android mobile device!

– Be surprised by the unexpected emotional reactions you’ll get from people while they’re busy doing their daily work, like being congratulated by a hobo when you finally donate him some money or finding out that someone

– Get lost in this beautiful world of discovery and exploration.

– Become emotionally attached to your favorite citizens.

– Spoil your pets and help them grow to adulthood.

– Play and communicate with friends using the in-game social features.

– Explore, have fun, and become part of the township family.

Clean up - Township


The gameplay is simple but fun and addictive. You start from the minor plot of land in a beautifully rendered environment with a small farm, and as you earn more coins, you can buy new plots of land to expand your city. There’s an assortment of buildings that you can construct which provides different benefits to all your resources, such as increased coin income or increased cattle-shed storage. You’ll never run out of things to do; the game always issues new challenges.

Game Modes: There are three game modes to play in Township.

• Class Game – this is the primary mode and the easiest of the three. In this mode, no people are entirely dependent on you unless you buy them or force them to live down the street from your bakery (move their home to your property). If you do not own them, they will haul away when they can afford another place or when it is time for high school (depending on how much you tax them). Clicking on a house that is not yours will show you when it is time for the relevant event, and clicking on the sign in front of that house will give you an option to buy it.

• Free Mode – In this mode, all buildings are available from the beginning, and therefore totally free of charge. To make these buildings, you’ll need to have a lot of money.

• Classic Mode – in this mode, the game starts like a free mode but then switches after a certain number of turns in Class Game. It is more challenging than free mode and easier than Class Game.

Card Types:

• Property Cards (Red) – These buildings can be built on vacant lots by the player who owns that lot. They are all residential (and commercial) buildings.

• Building Plans (Blue and Orange) – represent buildings that can be made if enough funds are available AND if certain conditions are met. The blue cards are complete construction plans, while the orange ones require you to have parts or other blue cards before being built.

• Improvement Cards (Green) – These provide unique bonuses to the properties they are placed on at no cost to the player other than time and money. The cards conditionally allow you to build certain buildings or give them a discount when building something.

• Service Tokens (Yellow) – These represent services that can be purchased to improve the properties under them. They are placed under any property that you own, and they will give a bonus to ALL of your properties in that area.

• Personal Tokens (Purple) – represent personal items or powers that can be bought with the money from taxes for the player who owns them, like extra votes on tax elections. The people in the game do not have anything to do with them other than living very close to that player.

• Event Cards (Orange) – Events can occur after certain conditions are met. They generally involve changes in house ownership, prices of goods and services, or they present a puzzle for the players to solve.

Game Terminology: 

• Card Income – when you are playing Class mode, the number of cards you have in your hand is determined by how many houses you own. There will be an icon on the card to tell you what type of card it is. The numbers on each side of the icon show how much that card will earn per turn if played then and there.

• Hand Limit – the number of cards you can have period is based on your number of houses. The 3×3 grid has 30 total spaces, and since each player starts with three houses, they are limited to having up to nine cards in their hand at a time.

• Trade Center/Trading Post – it’s what I call the list of available cards that you can buy from the general supply. When looking at it, notice a little button to replace all cards with new ones from the Trade Center.

• Card Cost – you don’t have to worry about the cost as you will have unlimited money to purchase whatever you want.


• Tapping on Menu Button will bring up the menu for the Township.

• Double tapping on any of the cards will send it to the player’s “Trade and Trade Center.”

• Double-tapping on Buildings in Play will turn it into a card.

• Double-tapping on Buildings in the player’s Trade Center will turn them into action.

• A long tap (tap and hold for at least 1 second) anywhere on the screen will send the current card to “Trade & Sale,” If there is no card, it opens a new Card.

• Tapping on the sign in the right corner of each player (except mine) will open their profile.

• Clicking on the card in the Trade Center brings up an alternative menu with action items.

• Underneath all cards is a blue button that lets you change one of the cards into a token. This is very helpful for making lots of tokens quickly.

• Underneath your cards is another button that replaces all the current cards with new ones from the Trade Center without using a Card.

Sound and Graphics

The sound is excellent, and you can always hear the villagers talking or the pipes clanging as you fix them. The graphics look good on my phone, but there are some overlapping textures every once in a while.

The game also doesn’t require much processing power to run smoothly. I was expecting the game to lag with all the animations and stuff, but it doesn’t. It runs very smoothly.

For newcomers and loyal players, this game is perfect since the developers have ensured that all levels of play can be accommodated.

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Download Township MOD APK v8.4.0 [Unlimited Money, No Ads]

How to Install?

  1. Download Township MOD APK v8.4.0 from our site.
  2. Enable the “unknown source” via the setting option.
  3. Install the game following the instruction on the screen.
  4. Enjoying playing the game!


Township MOD APK is an excellent board game that will keep you entertained for hours and days on end! Build your city with the help of agriculture to become one of the most famous cities in the world- all from a small town! Your creativity has no limits, so start building now and make it as big or as little as you want! The graphics are modern, and management is easy- give Township MOD APK a try today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the game about?

A. The game is about building your city, constructing new buildings, making farms, and many other things. You need to build from scratch a small farm and then a great modern city with skyscrapers.

In the game, you can do everything yourself: plant orchards, sow fields, in general – decide what will be on your farm.

Q. How do you start a new map?

A. You just need to click on the map and select what you want to see.

For example, a new farm.

Q. What items are required to build buildings? 

A. To build a building, you need resources. So, to build a house of wood and brick, you will need to cut down trees and dig with your shovel.

Q. What is the use of the game currency?

A. You can earn this money in two ways: first – by selling goods produced on farms or second – depleting fields and mines.

Q. What is the use of diamonds?

A. Diamonds are used mainly to speed up specific processes in the game, for example: to buy a building or expand it.

Q. How do you make money with farms?

A. When you start the game, there will be only forest resources obtained from the sale of products.

To get money quickly is to sell the farm products at a reasonable price, and you can do this in two ways: build on your farm different machines and equipment that will help you increase crop yields or simply buy ready-made farms.

Q. Can zombies attack your city from outside?

A. Yes, you can put the borders of your city around them and then build a wall.

Q. Is there an option to change the time of day in Township?

A. Yes, after you build the clock tower, you can change the time in the game.


Download links

Download MOD v8.9.1 (143MB)

How to install Township MOD APK Download v8.4.0 2022 [Unlimited Money, Anti Ban] APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Township MOD APK Download v8.4.0 2022 [Unlimited Money, Anti Ban] APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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